'Allo 'Allo!: Series 8
BBC (1992)
TV Series  /  Comedy, War
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IMDB   8.3
248 mins UK / English
Carmen Silvera Edith Artois
Arthur Bostrom agent Crabtree
Sam Kelly Captain Hans Geering
Kenneth Connor Monsieur Alfonse
Guy Siner Lt.Hubert Gruber
Hilary Minster General Erich Von Klinkerhoffen
Richard Marner Colonel Von Strohm
Richard Gibson Herr Flick
Kim Hartman Private Helga Geerhart
Francesca Gonshaw Maria Recamier
Kirsten Cooke Michèle Dubois
Kirsten Cooke Michelle
Arthur Bostrom Officer Crabtree
Francesca Conshaw Maria Recamier
Richard Gibson Herr Otto Flick
David Croft
John B. Hobbs
Producer David Croft
Mike Stevens
Writer David Croft
Jeremy Lloyd

Meet René, the most wanted man in Occupied France: Women want his body. The Resistance wants his brain. And the Nazis want his sausage! In a small café in occupied France the harassed proprietor, René, is fighting his own war. With the German Army in residence at the bar, René is risking his neck to aid the Resistance by hiding two British airmen and a radio transmitter upstairs. As if this wasn't enough, René has also got involved in hiding a priceless painting in a garlic sausage, which even now is being sniffed out by the Gestapo. But René's real problem is his wife, Edith, and what she will do to him when she finds out about the affairs he is having with his two sexy waitresses!
 30 mins    05/01/1992  1.  Arousing Suspicions
The Résistance want René to set up a mobile radio station. The necessary equipment is dropped by a British plane. Unfortunately, it drops down one of the chimneys of the chateau. Réne and his staff take the place of a flamenco dance group booked to perform at the chateau, so that they can retrieve the radio equipment. Lieutenant Gruber had arranged to deliver a photograph of the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna' to a Spanish art expert who is posing as a member of the real flamenco dance group. Gruber gives the photograph to Monsieur Alphonse, thinking that he's the art expert.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    12/01/1992  2.  A Woman Never Lies
Michelle now has the photograph of Lieutenant Gruber holding the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna'. She blackmails the Germans, demanding ten million Francs for the return of the photograph. Colonel Von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Helga plan to hijack a German pay truck to get the money to recover the photograph. Herr Flick uses a truth drug on Helga and learns about the planned robbery. He and Von Smallhause decide to rob the truck themselves. They arrive just after the robbery has taken place and are arrested as the culprits.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    19/01/1992  3.  Hitler's Last Heil
Hitler and Goering are due to visit the area. General Von Klinkerhoffen plans to have them assassinated. It turns out that the two German dignitaries are, in fact, impostors sent to the area as decoys. Helga plans to smuggle dynamite into the prison where Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are being held. The dynamite ends up on the lunch table and blows up the two fake German dictators. Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber are ordered to continue the impersonation of Hitler and Goering. Meanwile, Mimi is planning to assassinate the supposed German leaders.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    26/01/1992  4.  Awful Wedded Wife
The batteries being used to power the Résistance's mobile radio station need more lead. Monsieur Alphonse, Officer Crabtree, Mimi and Yvette attempt to steal some lead from the church roof. Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber are disguised as Hitler and Goering so that they can be seen driving out of the area. They are ambushed and captured by the Communist Résistance.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    02/02/1992  5.  Firing Squashed
Michelle organises a meeting with the Communist Résistance to discuss future propaganda. A fight starts over René. Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber escape in the confusion and head for the Café René. Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen almost meet their maker in front of a firing squad.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    09/02/1992  6.  A Fishful of Francs
Colonel Von Strohm stuffs the ten million Francs into a large dogfish and releases it into the river so that the Résistance can retrieve it. Monsieur Alphonse catches the fish instead and sells it to the local fishmonger. Von Smallhausen buys the fish and it's served up to Herr Flick and Helga, who finds the money. Herr Flick offers to return it to Colonel Von Strohm in return for the original painting. General Von Klinkerhoffen has René and Edith dressed up as Hitler and Goering so that they can be used as bait to trap the Communist Résistance.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
 30 mins    01/03/1992  7.  Swan Song
British troops rescue René and Edith just as they're about to be executed. Fanny and Monsieur Le Clerc, thinking that René and Edith are now dead, take all of the money they can find in the café and head for Paris. General Von Klinkerhoffen now has the compromising photograph of the Lieutenant with the painting, so Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber decide to head for Spain with the travelling flamenco troupe. Before leaving, they meet Herr Flick to swap the painting for the ransom money. Herr Flick gives them a bundle of newspaper and they give him the 'missing booby'.
Director:  John B. Hobbs  Writer:  Jeremy Lloyd  / Paul Adam 
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